2018 Company Groups



Attached are the extra groups and Company announcements.

I am proud of everyone who auditioned and I think that the teachers made some great group choices!

Once you’ve read and discussed with your child, let us know by Tuesday, via reply to this email, if there are any groups that your child WILL NOT be participating in.

The teachers go to a lot of work choreographing for specific numbers and have plans in mind for these groups.

If we need to replace students, change people or cancel these groups, let us know by Tuesday as we start these groups on Friday.

Juniors:  There were not enough students to do Ukrainian…I need 16!!!

Your small jazz and acro will be your only “extra” groups but we can adjust in class groups to small groups for any festival your class doesn’t all attend!

On a side note, to help these kids,   when they audition, they should treat it as a stage performance and really perform. Do each and every request full out and SMILE.  Many students didn’t do this.  Even though we know how you can perform, company auditions should be a time you practice this skill!  I videoed the auditions to send to teachers and have gone back many times in the last few weeks to review them, as professionals will do at any dance audition.

Once again, I congratulate you!  Let’s put some great material on the stage!!!



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