2018 Festival Information

2017-2018  Festival Information for Pre-Primary 2 level and Up!

  • A meeting was held in June and from the meeting, the discussion and from the emails and input I received after the meeting. It was great to hear that parents were interested in the kids attending a festival out of town so that they are challenged, that they miss as little school as possible and it seemed most important to most that we keep a “home” festival.  Being that the Yates is closed this festival season, this has limited our options.
  • We try and Include all of our festival Students from Level Pre Primary 2 and Up in both local festivals and all students Primary and Up in our 2 main festivals.
  • All Festival participants must be participating in a minimum of 2 ballet classes. Grade 4 and up should be doing 3 ballet classes a week to keep up with the calibre of the dancing in festivals.  Boys must be doing regular ballet classes and/or technique class.  The message hear is technique technique technique.
  • Festival is Not a given and if your child isn’t working hard and up to the standard to participate in festival, we will ask that they participate only in Year end this season.

Important Festival Dates:

  • Yates Rehearsal…due to the Yates closure, we will only do an in studio stage rehearsal this season.
  • We need a “warm up festival” and it was clear that people were not overly happy with last season’s choice. This season, we will go back to Medicine Hat for Festival of Friends on April 6-8.  This event is a short, low cost, weekend event that will get our kids on stage for the first time.  Since we do not have a Yates rehearsal, I felt that this was a very good choice this season.  Keep in Mind, this falls at the end of Easter Break!  This festival is at the College.
  • Our “home festival will be Showtime festival in Medicine Hat April 17-21 At the Esplanade
  • Moose Jaw Dance Inspirations May 2-6 for Level 2 and up. This is our travelling festival.  Held at Peacock Auditorium.
  • We originally thought our “Home” would be Dance Evolution (Dance Invasion) Lethbridge May 10-12, however it is during CCH Grad and we have 5 students in our Senior class graduating.  We want our students to attend festivals as a team.  This is the only local festival available to us this season.  This will be a great festival for anyone wanting an extra festival for solos and duos and perhaps some younger groups that don’t go to Moose Jaw.

Private Solo/Duo Lessons

Book Times on Wednesday Sept 27

Please note: 

  • Before a student partakes in any private lessons, their existing private lesson account (from summer and past seasons) MUST be cleared up. All regular dance fees must be up to date.  Summer Inspire Groups Included.  Erica will be in attendance for time booking to clear up accounts.
  • There will be a 250.00(400.00 for all of Miss Pavlova’s) deposit for all time slots booked this season as we have carried far too many accounts in the past seasons. Most solos average around 300.00 through the year depending on the instructor and the practice of the student.   This deposit must be paid on or before your first private lesson or the lessons will not commence.  Erica will be there to take payments on Sept 27 when you book your time spots for solos/duos.

Private lessons are available from our studio staff throughout the year in Tap, Jazz, Ballet/Pointe, Lyrical, Contemporary Modern, Hip Hop and Character.  Our instructors are happy to assist your child with extra help in various styles of dance and for various reasons:

  • exam private or semi- private lessons
  • solos and duos for festivals
  • or for a regular private lesson just getting help or one on one work on a certain dance discipline
  • student assessment classes in order to place new students
  • student mentorship program, older capable students mentoring younger students

Any student can take a private lesson but that student must be taking part in that dance discipline in the weekly program.  New students to the festival program from recreational programs should consider doing groups this year and then adding solos or a duo next season.  Get a feel for what festival is about.

The private lesson request sheet is posted now!   All students should have their name on the request form and can now book a regular time slot within the rotation.  At the same time, on the teacher of you choice’s designated weeks, the student meets for a 30 minute(or hour depending on instructor) lesson with a specific teacher.  Note, we are running on a three week rotation.    There are several teachers who offer weekly private lessons for exam and festival work as well.  These private lessons should also be booked into the schedule as the studio space is busy this season.  If your lessons are not booked into the schedule, you may show up and not have a studio to work in!  I am not sending out a different schedule each week!!  The schedule should stay the same so there will be no need!

Different teachers will take on private lessons in different disciplines.  It is at the complete discretion of the teaching staff as to whether a student is ready to do a solo/duo in the discipline they choose.  On more than one occasion students have been told to try a different discipline.  If you wish to have private lessons for practice only, extra help in a discipline, this can be done.  It is important that you try to do your private lesson and choreography with the teacher that is teaching you that discipline as they know where your strengths and weaknesses are.  Remember you must be taking the weekly class of the dance discipline you choose to do a solo or duo in!

  • Miss Vanessa does all of the tap, musical theatre and by request and available time will take on some jazz.
  • Miss Pavlova ballet/character/pointe (Miss Pavlova has you come every week for lessons not every 3 weeks)
  • Miss Haley will do Hip Hop and Contemp
  • Miss Sydney will be taking on Jazz, lyrical and Acro solos
  • Miss Brianna will do modern/contemporary (only comes a couple times a year and is booking hour long spots)
  • Miss Madi will do jazz/contemp/Street jazz/hip hop when she returns at Thanks giving and Christmas(3 weeks home)
  • Miss Mikaela lyrical/jazz/young ballet . (please do not book mentoring yet as she may not have time)
  • Miss Renee will also take on ballet and Demi character on her weeks here. (third Sunday of each month)
  • Miss Skylar will take on young jazz solos and duos and will be mentoring Madi and Chris’s solos.
  • Miss Amara will take on mentoring before and after her teaching hours on Friday

Student Mentorship Program:  Several of our older students have been approached in past years by parents of younger students to help with practicing between festival weekly rotation privates.  Some of these students are very interested in doing this and will take mentorship positions in different disciplines. We will match you up with a mentor that suits you.

  • This will benefit our senior mentors as they will get some private lesson teaching experience and assistant teacher’s pay.
  • This will benefit the student as they can get one on one time with another talented young dancer they look up to who has gone through the same corrections that they probably need and get in some well needed practice time at the studio.
  • This will benefit the parent as practice time can be difficult with your own child and to find proper space to rehears in is difficult.


Each Individual instructor has a different fee schedule.  It is important that you know what you are signing up for and the fees involved.  This fee includes teacher’s wage and studio rental.  Teachers set their own rate as they are contracted workers.  You can look at the fee schedule for each teacher in the front of the festival billing book.

Solo Base Fee:  Pertaining to festival private lessons for solos, duos (and any out of class  groups), a base fee of $25 per dance will be placed on the bill.  This base fee will go directly to the teacher who is choreographing your dance.

  • This fee is to go towards the teachers extra time and effort before and after your class.
  • Finding and cutting music as well as burning you a cd at their expense (this can take hours) If you choose to find your own, that is fine too.  The teacher then spends the time working on it.
  • Private lesson preparation. Some teachers pre choreograph, some just pre-plan or block.
  • Time spent backstage at festival. Teachers do not usually bill for this time.  Hours can be long and this is part of the job.  We are lucky that we have so many instructors at our studio and we always have teachers backstage.  It may not always be your own teacher but the teachers will work this out between them.
  • Travel expense and hotel costs to various festivals. This fee will help to cover their expense.
  • Time spent costume hunting or brain storming ideas.
  • General Preparation time

Most students receive between 8-12 private lessons per dance within the year (depending on how much your child practices).  The studio will not carry this balance as teacher’s bill weekly for lessons.  We ask that deposits of $250.00 per dance are into the studio on or before your first lesson, when you book your lesson is best, but by Oct 1 works!    Please mark on your cheque  studio private lesson deposit.   Our book keeper needs to know where to allocate all payments!

BILLING/Payment:  The private lesson accounts can be viewed at any time in the festival private lesson billing binder by the parents.  They will not be billed out by the studio until after the final festival.  It is the responsibility of the parent, not the bookkeeper, to watch this account throughout the year and if another payment needs to be made, you can do so at any time.  These accounts are not entered into our accounts until our year end as it can become a book keeping nightmare. These accounts are a separate entity.  They will not be combined or put onto regular accounts throughout the year.   Please be responsible for your own account.  It is an extracurricular activity and your responsibility to keep it up to date.  There are still accounts owing from last season which need to be cleared up before this year’s lessons will be given.  Starting this season, a 5% interest fee will be charged on all overdue accounts.

Props:  Please remember that props for extracurricular dances are at the complete expense and responsibility of the student and parent.  You are responsible to get them for rehearsal, to rehearsal, and to and from festivals etc.

Signing Up:  You can sign up for private lessons Wed Sept 27.  Be sure to write any requests such as music, day, interested in a mentor for practice, teacher and discipline.   Most private lessons take place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but this year a few of the instructors have weektime spots which we would like to fill with available students.   These weekly times are NOT on the schedule.  Teachers will book these when needed.  The rotations will start in October.  Each Friday morning you are responsible to check your email for changes and schedule for the weekend.  If there are cancellations, be aware that your time will change.  Teachers do not wait around!  We want to bump everyone up to fill all spots.  You are responsible to try to fill your spot if your child can’t make the scheduled time.

Music:  If you already have music choices please get them to your instructor ASAP.  Know that group dances take priority on musical choices.


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