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Hello Parents of Acro Students:
The following letter from Miss Sydney is to those of you who signed up for the extra Acro Group.  I support Syd’s decision 100% as our first priority is the safety of ALL of our students.  Acro requires a huge amount of rehearsal time in order to achieve a quality, festival ready, safe product.

The forty five minute classes leave the instructors enough time for skill building.

Hi Parents,
After my conversation with Vanessa, and some personal considerations of my own, I have decided that the out of class acro group this year will not go forward.  The only group I will be doing for festival will be for the students in my most advanced acro class.  I have thought about this quite a bit, and think it would solve many issues that come with including many ages and abilities in one group.

Issues like: rehearsal times that work for all students participating, all students having the proper amount of time to rehearse, all students going to the same festivals, and the number of participants and different abilities who signed up for this group.

Miss Krissy will still do a dance in the other acro classes for year end show, but not for festival. Being that this is only our second year of acro at the studio, we have some kinks to work out before I think I will be able to have a successful all ages acro group.

I know some younger students will be disappointed by this news, but I want to remind all my acro students about how far they have come since their first acro class and how much acro helps your other dance disciplines.  Just because you don’t have a festival group this year, doesn’t mean you won’t in the future, and doesn’t mean that your hard work and accomplishments are not recognized. I hope the younger students continue to work hard in their acro classes, and I look forward to seeing their progress through the rest of our dance season.

If any parents have any questions or concerns, please email me directly at I am more than happy to speak to you about your child’s growth in acro and future opportunities for them.

Miss Sydney

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