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VanDance is excited to announce that Miss Sydney will be offering Acro dance lessons in the New Year!
Miss Sydney was recently certified in the Acrobatic Arts Syllabus and will be offering Acro classes on Tuesday nights after the students return from Christmas holidays. Pre-primary- level 2 will be offered from 4-4:45 and level 3-6 from 8:15-9:15and additional classes may be added based on the number of students who register. (Please note that the classes are going to be divided by ability, not age, and it will be up to Miss Sydney to decide what class students should be placed in)
The purpose of students joining Acro at VanDance will not only be to teach students the safe and correct way to do acrobatic tricks, holds, and lifts, but also to increase students flexibility and strength which will benefit them in all of their other classes. The Acrobatic Arts Syllabus is an exam focused program and Miss Sydney will be encouraging all students who join Acro to participate in the exam as it gives the students a clear goals which will motivate the students and give them a sense of accomplishment upon completing the exam.  Miss Sydney is also encouraging students that join her Acro class to also be enrolled in her stretch class on Mondays, this is because Miss Sydney structures her stretch class on Monday to help students build the strength and flexibility needed to perform many of the Acrobatic tricks, holds, and lifts. If parents have any additional questions about Miss Sydney’s Acro classes or are wondering about your child’s placement in the Acro classes please feel free to email Miss Sydney, or visit the Acrobatic Arts website to get more detailed information about the syllabus.
Acro will be billed as an additional class.  Everyone is welcome to try the first week after Xmas and we will see how many register.  Perhaps we can purchase some new mats if the acro has a good following!!
This will be a great addition to the studio!
Sydney and Vanessa

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