All Parents of Festival Dance Students

Parents  of ALL festival students:

I urge you to please fill out the attached form ASAP and get it into the office within the next 2 days.  It is extremely important!

With the information I have been given on the forms you have provided, and with many of you not filling in the info on the back, I am unable to complete the entries.  WE ARE AT A STAND STILL

The first set of entries are due in by weeks end and are all entered onto computer and the computer does many of the calculations.  It is imperative that the info you provide is correct.

For example…Within one class, I have spans from 8 years of experience to 24 years of experience(3 ballet classes a week makes this possible).  I know the kids have danced for basically the same amount of time…we need to all get on the same page.  For groups, once the info is entered, it averages the ability years and this will make our group entries incorrect if everyone’s info isn’t correct!!

Please, as we are at a stand still, and late entries are not usually accepted, do this new sheet and bring it in regardless if you filled out the last info.  Please read and follow this forms instructions!

I personally do not know each and every child’s info.  Some of you have experience at other studios, perhaps have started some disciplines later than others etc…This is important!

Thank you in advance.



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