Answers to a few questions

A few questions have been popping up via email and I thought I’d clarify to all at once.


Clarification on a few things:

  • Group winnings:  Group winnings will be divided up between the participants once we have taken off any props or any extra rehearsal lesson fees we have received all of the cheques from Moose Jaw.  They have not yet given us the group winnings, only certificates.  It takes time for the committee to process.  We will wait to divide this money from all the festivals  up and put in envelopes all at once!  This is a huge job but I assure you that Erica is on top of it!  We will shoot for registration week to have these all done if not sooner.
  • I was able to pick up most solo awards this weekend when I was back in Moose Jaw this weekend.  Please see the office!
  • We would ask that all accounts be cleared up for private lessons immediately.  Erica is in the office today trying to clear our books.  The only billing that will be left is May extra exam classes which we can’t do until we have teachers invoices at the beginning of June.  I would ask that everyone come in to clear up what they can!


Continue to watch for weekend schedule updates for extra exam practices!

PIGGY BUNS…Our Pre-Primary/Primary levels do have some overlap in dances.  We are going to nix the piggy buns and have everyone in Pre Primary and Primary levels wear 1 bun for year end show

We have posted a volunteer list which does have some backstage and front of house jobs for those of you who have asked about helping.

Watch for Year End Updates this weekend!








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