Costume try-ons

I would like to do costume try on the week of Dec 5-10  The ladies have a few things they are already working on but this will get them going before Christmas.  Costumes need to be done by mid March this year…3 weeks earlier.

I will leave specific costume sheets out for everyone this week.

Thought I’d give everyone the heads up so that you can start to think about costumes and write some ideas on the sheet.

I am away Nov 19-29 and will be pulling all costumes starting Nov 30.  It would be great if you could have your costume sheets filled out by then by the 30th.

I will be bringing racks into the back studio this year(more space there) You’ll be able to pull from there.  If anyone wants to go to wardrobe and pull for yourself, so you know what is there, let me know and we will make a trip there Dec 2 or 3 when I’m in town teaching.

Costume ladies if you wish to be there for any tryons you are welcome to be there.

Thank you


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