Covid-19 Information for the Studio:

It is a different time and even though we are back, there are changes.  We have a few NEW rules and procedures that we will be following for the health and safety of everyone.

Covid Clause:  If classes need to be postponed or cancelled for a short time, we now have the ability at the studio to continue holding classes online for the students.  We realize that it is difficult to encourage the students to get online for class, however, we are living in a different time and will now push forward by keeping everyone safe but we will continue to run classes for that period of time.

If we were faced with another long closure, we will assess the situation and act accordingly as we did last season.

This decision will be at the complete discretion of Vanessa.

Class Sizes:  We will be keeping our class sizes under the Alberta Covid guidelines for the safety of our students and teachers.  Some classes that were previously large, will be divided for the start of this season.  Others that we know we can socially distance, will be kept together.  We reserve the right to combine or split classes at a later date once we know that we can provide combined groups safely and or need to split to keep distance.

Cleaning procedures have increased in frequency.

Due to smaller class sizes and increased cleaning, our dance fees have been increased slightly.

Studio will be upgraded with large tv’s and cameras for fall in order to carry out classes no matter what the dilemma.

  • Do not attend if showing any signs or symptoms of covid-19.(fever, cough, sneezing, runny nose etc)
  • Do not attend if there is any chance that you have come in contact with someone who has Covid-19
  • If any type of symptoms are shown during class, the child will be asked to leave immediately and will need to be picked up.   You will then be asked to have a Covid-19 test as per our Dance Studio mandate for reopening requires.
  • Dancers and Teachers inside the studio only.  Sorry parents, but for now, we will not be opening waiting area.  There will be no “extra” bodies allowed in the waiting room, office, dressing rooms, bathrooms or studios. 
  • There will be an exception on Monday and Saturday for our young Tiny Tot, Kindertot and Pre Primary level students.  Parents must wear a mask while in the studio waiting area and once the students have been taken into class we ask that you wait in your vehicles or outside the premises. 
  • All dancers, parents and teachers must hand sanitize when entering and exiting the studio and continually sanitize while in the class room.
  • In common areas (dressing area, waiting area, and office), students, parents and teachers must wear a mask.
  • In all areas of the building, everyone is required to physically social distance.
  • Dancers have specific marks on the barres and floors that they are required to adhere to.
  • Inside of the dance studio, once everyone has taken their social distance marks, masks can be removed while dancing if you feel it is better for your breathing, health and comfort.  This should be discussed at home.  The studios have all been well marked for social distancing.
  • You are asked to come ready to dance in your dance attire and provide your own plastic bin with lid to house any outdoor clothing and shoes.  This bucket must be large enough to fit ALL of your belongings but not too big for studio spaces.  It will be taken into class with you and set at the front of the room 2 m apart from anyone else’s.
  • As we all know, dancing with our friends is awesome!  It has in the past, lead to many hugs, hand holding, close patterning etc.  For now, I ask that you discuss with your children that they must refrain from close contact.  The teachers will also, for now, refrain from close contact when making corrections.  We are just happy to be back and able to DANCE!
  • For now, please try not to eat or snack at the studio.  You may bring a water bottle and keep it inside your plastic bucket for between classes.  We have tried to eliminate most breaks in our scheduling however, if you do have a “supper” break, try to leave the facility to have your snack or dinner in a vehicle or with a parent.  A piece of fruit, kept in your bucket might be something clean and quick to boost the energy between classes if it is essential.
  • Classes will be let out a couple minutes early in order that the instructors have time to clean the Barres between each and every lesson.
  • I ask parents to drop off 5 minutes before class and immediately after your child’s scheduled time.  You will also need to watch your email and schedule for what door your child is to use when entering the building.  We will have specific doors and waiting areas for each class.
  • There is to be no loitering and gathering in the studio or even directly outside the building by parents or students  to comply with Alberta health rules.  The studio drop off area can become very congested and we would like to ask that you wear a mask at all times when social distancing is difficult.
  • There will not always be supervision in the entry/waiting room/dressing room so it is important that the students know the importance of the above procedures.

We at VanDance want to be part of the solution, not a part of the problem!  Let’s all stay safe, have fun and DANCE!