Easter Week

Firstly Happy Easter to you All. Have a wonderful day however you spend it!

Attached is a schedule for solo practices, extra group practices, Tap exam practice, and Company practice for the upcoming week. Let me know immediately with a reply to this email if something doesn’t work! We understand that some of you are away this week. Have a good holiday! Just let us know if you should be taken off the schedule.

Please read through attachment carefully.
If there are overlapping schedules please let me know immediately.
Note that Thursday is Company day.
I have added Friday for anyone who wishes to do a Tap exam practice(I hope all of the Exam kids!) We run out of Wed/Thur to practice in April so I will gladly do a practice on Friday! We can devote the entire class to exam work. Primary levels do not need this extra practice.
Intermediate Foundation exam students, your exam falls at the end of April and you will run out of Saturdays! Please attend the 3 rehearsals scheduled for you over the Easter week, Mon, Wed and Sat. This exam is strenuous and you should be building stamina now and performing the exam to it?s fullest.
D level students, Miss Claire and Miss Heather have called a practice for you on Wednesday evening.
Senior students?we rehearse on Sunday night as well as do a quick costume sort!!

Happy Easter

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