Easter Weekend

There are no regular classes from Friday March 25-Sunday April 3.
However there will be private lessons and company lessons so please watch
the schedule.

As we will be missing 8 company members this Good Friday, Miss Brianna has
decided to defer driving from Calgary on Good Friday and she will do all of
her lessons on Thursday March 31, Company and Solos.
Vanessa will also be running company groups this day as well and the
remainder of her solos that can’t come on Friday.

See the top of the page of the attachment for the teacher’s plans for the
Easter week. I do not have any plans from Nina, Renee or Heather as of

Interfoundation spring exams, we will be scheduling several extra
rehearsals as your exam is coming very quickly and you will be away at
festivals for most Saturday’s in March.

Remember to check All Festival schedules and make corrections by the end
of Wed night…even if you emailed me it must be made in writing!!

The studio is unavailable for usage on Wed March 30 from 9-12 for
cleaning. Do not book lessons then.

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