Fabulous Feet

Hello VanDance Parents:

Upon trying to register for Fabulous Feet festival Lethbridge, they will only allow us 50 entries.(Yes after all that work figuring out years of dance! ugg!).   We have 136 entries.  This is without any of our senior groups and most senior soloists as they are not participating due to grad.

As this festival wasn’t on our original radar due to our Senior students graduating, there was no way to tell how many of you would enter this festival.  We had everything into the system by Dec 1 (other than those who’s info was late getting into the office) but this festival is full!

It is absolutely impossible for me to pick and choose who gets to do what at this festival in order to fill these spots and there were several options I explored:

We have 30 groups leaving 20 spots for solos and duos(dancing groups means everyone participates)… we have 44 kids wanting to do solos…

We could do a lotto…?

We could pack it in all together and say we go as a team or not at all.  In this scenario, I would loose the 2500.00 deposit I had to pay by Nov 1 to hold a spot for the studio before any festival fees had been paid.

I thought maybe a better solution would be that because all of our level 2 and up kids have 3 festivals this season, Festival of Friends, Showtime and are travelling to Moose Jaw, perhaps we let our Pre Primary 2, Primary 1 and 2, and Level 1 have this as their third festival.  That puts us at about 40 entries.
I feel like this may be the only solution for this season.  As this is a new festival for us and we had no idea how many people would show interest in this festival.  They had no idea of the number of entries we had?  Our older kids are unable to do any groups anyhow due to grad.

I’ve lost a lot of sleep over this dilemma this weekend.  I’m always on a mission to try and please everyone.  Unfortunately, I know I can’t in this situation.  I suppose the good news is that Level 2 and up can come in and rewrite their cheques and pay a lot less money for festival this season.  I have not deposited any festival fees.

Erica will be in the office on Wednesday in order to help make these changes.

I’m sorry and I know that Fabulous Feet is sorry that they can’t accept all of our entries.  They even asked for additional time in the theatre but were declined.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.

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