Fall Ballet Mock Exams (Nov 18)

Ballet Mock Exams will take place on Sunday Nov 18  This is a mandatory
rehearsal in full exam garb.  Refer to the Ballet Letter of Intent.

The day will start with Miss Renee’s private lessons.

Sun Nov 18
11:45- Mack Palmerchuk
12:15- Kahlan Palmerchuk
12:45-Summer Perry
1:15- Taryn Kormos
1:45- Katelyn Kormos
2:15- Trio Kormos

Mock exams
3:00- Pre Primary  All Fall Exams Girls
3:45-Gr 1 Lily, Aja, Taya
4:30-Gr 1 Lola, Saphira, Kali, Ammi
5:15- Gr 1 Allie, Kya, Ada, Ayla
6:00- Gr 5 All Fall Exam Girls
7:00-Gr 8 set of 4 Chiaki, Chloe, Michela, Ruthanne
8:00- Gr 8 set of 3 Talyn, Georgia, Mackenzie

8:45- Haillee
9:15- Done

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