Feb 20-25


Happy Family day!  I hope you are all having a great day together.

Just a reminder that there are no regular dance classes this week from Feb. 20- Feb.25 inclusive.

On Saturday Feb. 25 we have a group of students performing at the Yates Theatre with the Mini Pops in the 5:30 show that day.  I hope some of you will be attending to enjoy the show!

On March 11 at the Sterndale Bennett, Miss Claire, Laura and Kacie are performing with the lsida dance community.   Tickets have now gone on sale for this event.


Festival group costumes in the foyer are ready to go home to festival students only.  Costumes in the furnace hallway and costume room are still to be worked on and are not ready yet.  Please only take the costumes that are clearly marked to go home.  All headpieces and accessories will be handed out on costume rehearsal day.

We are moving into our final regular festival rotation.  Some teachers will be keeping half hour times and some have gone to 15 minute times.  Please be aware of all of the schedule changes.  (please see the private lesson rotation page for latest schedule)  I will continue to update.

I would ask that every solo/duo student bring their costumes this rotation and dance in it at the end of their lesson.  Be sure you have a good copy cd!

This week, there are extra ballet and tap exam rehearsals scheduled for those students who are around and wish to partake in some supervised practice and instruction.  It’s important we practice now when there is still time and festival schedules aren’t overwhelming yet.

Mini Pops…Please meet at the studio dressed and ready to go on Sat. Feb 25 at 3:30 to rehearse with Skylar.  Skylar will also check your costumes.  Brenda will head over to the theatre with you for a quick blocking rehearsal with the mini pops.

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