Festival Entries

Hello Festival Students and Parents

Our deadline was Monday November 30 for festival entries for groups and
solos and tonight many more trickled in. I can tell you that from going
through the lists there are still over a third of these forms missing from

It is very difficult for us in the office to get these forms processed and
entered into the correct festivals by the festival deadline…Dec 15 if we
don’t have all the information we need.

We have deadlines here at VanDance for a reason and that is because we
know how much work and time it takes to process entries, whether it be for
exams or festival. If we wait on these to trickle in we can not get our
group entries out nor can we do choreography as we need to know that
everyone in the group is committed to these festivals! A few are not and
we need to make the proper choreography choices.

We have also run into festivals being full when we go to enter late…so
the earlier the better.

In this case, 2 weeks is very little time to process 180 entries…yes
180!! We read through them, fill out what you haven’t, average age the
groups, figure out ability levels, then need to enter everything on
line…this takes a lot of time!

I would like to stress that getting your information to us by the deadline
date is essential. Several students this year missed out on exams and I
would hate for us to miss out on festival because we are still waiting on
several families.

If you did not hand in solo and duo sheets or your summary sheets, I need
them tomorrow as I am taking them to work on for the weekend. I leave at
7:45 from Lethbridge and will not be back until Wednesday when I teach.
The idea was for me to have them all ready and sorted by now to take with
me to work on. PLEASE have them here at the studio before 7:45 tomorrow!

Thank you for you immediate attention!

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