VAN DANCE 2018-4367

Festival Entry Info


Festival Entry Time is upon us for all festival participants.
All classes PP2 and up will be participating in festival this season.

Please read and print the 2 attachments and be certain that we get the spread sheet back prior to Oct 30.

Festival entry cheque must accompany your forms however, you can postdate them to Nov 15/2018
All festival entries are now done via e-file.  These attached forms will act as your entry forms.
Please be diligent in filling out your form and having it in prior to Oct 30.

I will also hand out copies of the spreadsheet to all festival participants.

I am 100% on board with Moose Jaw entry fees on a separate cheque postdated for January 15/2019.  As long as both cheques come in with
spreadsheet on Oct 30.

Sorry, but for the other 2 festivals, I am firm on the fees post dated to Nov 15 as I have already had to pay large deposits to hold our spots in
those festivals.

Thank you for your co-operation.


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