Festival Information – 2018/2019


Please remember that this is the final week of trial classes.  At the end of this week, all schedules should be firmed up with the office please.

Festival Entry Season will soon be upon us.  I am currently working to get all the information compiled to make a well planned out decision for our students this year.  There are a few immediate things that need to be announced immediately.

Private Solo and Duo and Extra Group Lessons:

Solo/Duo Schedule:   The solo/duo rotations run in 3 week increments.

Each student is allotted 30 minutes every third week.   If you have signed up on the solo duo request sheet, your name will appear on the schedule with the teacher of your choice.  Everyone must make requests on this signup sheet by Friday Sept 21 in order to be included on the schedule.  I will try my best to organize back to back times for students considering the teachers availability.  The schedule is updated weekly for private lessons and every Thursday evening I send it out.   Also, check the white board at the studio entry way.  You must speak to Miss Pavlova directly for her times and I will do my best to work with her so that the times she has co-ordinate with our times.

The   solo/duo private lesson deposit is due before your first private lesson.  The deposit per dance is $100.00 in the fall and will be another $100 by January  (duo is $50/per person etc).  This deposit is put toward your private lesson bill and is paid to each individual instructor as well as for studio rental time.  All accounts must be up to date from last season.

Company and Inspire Groups:  These are festival groups being done outside of class time and will therefore be billed the private lesson rate for each individual teacher and divided amongst the group.   Other fees that go along with festival groups are your entry fees and your extra costume fee.

This fee will be billed to the extra group and divided with your company fees.

Teachers are looking for committed, serious dancers only who intend on being at all rehearsals.  It is not the intention of the studio to put any of our company numbers into festival to be in a category against an in class group.  Therefore, we will not be offering small groups for dances that would conflict with in class groups.  Rehearsals will take place on Fridays and missing these rehearsals for any unacceptable reason is not allowed.   Do not participate if you have other Friday commitments that may conflict.

Extra Groups will include, Character Groups (Sr. Can Can and Jr Ukrainian), several small tap groups, several small jazz groups, small lyrical group, small contemp group and several acro groups(audition for ACRO only is on the 29th of Sept times tba)

Company Audition takes place Friday Sept 21(excluding acro)  4:00-Ballet Grades 5 and Up  4:45-Ballet Grades 2-4  5:30-Ballet Grades Primary and 1  Company will start in mid-Oct.  Inspire rehearsals have started and will continue on Friday Sept 21.

I will organize Friday schedule so that everyone can attend.  Please watch for a schedule on Thursday night.

Watch for a full festival information letter once I have the info from all festivals that we need.


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