Festival information – Nov 7



There is a festival information table in the lobby.  This table will have festival rules and solo/duo entry forms on it for pick up as soon as we have all of the information we need!


We would like to send out our festival summary sheets later this week however there are still a few families who have NOT checked off festival availability.

it is impossible for the instructors to choreograph numbers without knowing the festivals we are able to attend and how many dancers are committed to each routine.  There is a festival table set up and this sheet is attached to the table…please be sure you have checked your child’s name.


Our festivals for ALL CLASSES this season are:

Dance for Dreams Lethbridge March 24-26  Dance Power Lethbridge April 11-15


All classes except Pre Primary 2 will also do:

Peak Invitational Calgary April 19-22


So far, many of you want to go to Moose Jaw May 3-7  the Grade 1 level, grade 4 level ( a few are not going teachers be aware!) and Intermediate level will be attending.

we’d love to see the grade 3 and grade 7 class go however too many have not yet signed the form for us to see if this is a possibility.

All of our extracurricular groups will attend all 4 festivals.


We want to get the entries and summary sheets out this week!  Please get in to sign the festival participation sheet.

Teachers be sure to examine this list to determine choreography.



Now that everyone has had their first festival private rotation, we thought it was fair to put the costume order books out for all to look at.

With the exchange rate, I encourage everyone to try to rent or buy costumes within our studio families.  Post your costumes for sale or rent on our Facebook page!

we will do some ordering if necessary and ALL orders must be in on Nov 29/30. Erica will be in taking orders.

If you are interested in a certain costume in the books, put your name on a sticky note at the top of the page and we will get a price for you asap

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