Festival of the Stars Group Show 2019

 We will be alternating age groups but may need to take several short breaks to accommodate costume changes.

 There will be a few Yates rehearsals earlier that day:

  • 2:00-Buzzing Ballerina’s (Primary Ballet)…no costumes required 
  • 2:15-Mr. Golden Sun (Primary 2 Tap)…no costumes required 
  • 2:30-Oliver 
  • 3:00-Beatles 
  • 3:45-Wizard-(in full costume for costume changes please)

All Yates rehearsals will be done at 5:00 giving the kids a 2 hour break before the show.  Please vacate the Yates between 5 and 6.

Students should arrive in full make-up, hair in a bun, with costumes ready and organized in order at the back door of the Yates at 6:00 for dressing room assignments.

Show should run 7-9:30 if all runs smoothly.

We would love to do something for our solos and duos but being that their are 170 of them, this just isn’t possible.


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