Festival of the Stars Info

See below for Festival of Stars Show Information and Show order.

 There are lots of seats left.  Erica will be selling seats starting at 6:00 in the Yates lobby.

 Any costumes that were left with the seamstress or left at the studio will be brought over to the Yates for the afternoon.

Festival of the Stars Group Show 2019
Easter Monday April 22 7:00
The Newly Renovated Yates Memorial Theatre

Rush Seating 10.00 per seat

This is a practice show to get all the students onstage before our festival season begins later that week. It is to remind the students of their spacing, to boost confidence in performance and to have some fun! “Get the jitters out!”

In trying my best to keep the cost of this “practice show” down for families, but still paying for the cost of theatre and technicians. There are still many seats left and Erica will be here selling tickets at the door.

A few notes to make the show run smoothly:

Hair style for this show will not change due to all of the costume changes. A bun for all dances. FULL STAGE MAKE-UP

Parents are welcome backstage to help their kids change…just like festival!

We will be alternating age groups but may need to take several short breaks to accommodate costume changes.

Act I

  • Highlights from Oliver
  • Pas de Quatre(Company Pointe)
  • Buzzing Ballerinas (PP2 Ballet)
  • Clowning Around(Grade 1 Ballet A)
  • Springtime(Grade 1 Ballet B)
  • Spanish Masquerade(Grade 2 Ballet)
  • Friends(Grade 3 Ballet)
  • Waltz(Grade 5 Ballet)
  • Fantasia(Grade 6 Ballet)
  • Coda(Grade 8 Ballet)
  • Dreams(Company Jr Variety)
  • Mee Too(Int. Company Jazz)
  • I Like That(Sr Company Jazz)
  • Purple People Eater(Jazz 1 A)
  • Batdance(Jazz 1 B)
  • James Bond(Jazz 2 C)
  • Wonderland(Jazz 3D)
  • Mirror Mirror(Jazz 5E)
  • Wizard(Jazz Major)
  • Hard Knock Life(Musical Theatre A/B)
  • Story of My Life(Musical Theatre C/D)
  • Cocktails for Two(Musical Theatre Sr)
  • Haley Perry(4 Year old Tap Solo)
  • Timber(Junior Acro)
  • Disturbia(Int/Sr Acro)

Act II

  • Saturn(Company Contemporary)
  • Twister(Modern A/B)
  • Rain Dance(Modern C/D)
  • In The Clouds(Modern E)
  • Inner Demons(Modern Major)
  • Safety Dance(Lyrical C/D)
  • 99 Red Balloons(Lyrical E)
  • Gone(Lyrical Major)
  • Magic(Company Int Hip Hop)
  • Shut it Down(Jazz Funk)
  • Dawgs(Hip Hop A/B)
  • Comin? In Hot(Hip Hop C/D)
  • Get Like Me(Hip Hop 5)
  • Bossy(Hip Hop Major)
  • Mambo #5(Int Company Tap)
  • Girls Just Wanna Have Fun(Sr Company Tap)
  • Mr. Golden Sun(Pre Primary 2 Tap)
  • Yankee Doodle(Tap 1)
  • Shout(Tap 2)
  • Thriller(Tap 5)
  • Come Fly With Me(Tap 3)
  • Remains of The Day(Tap 4)
  • Hallelujah(Sr Tap Choreo)
  • Tarentella(Company Int Character)
  • Can Can(Company Sr Character) Announcements?
  • The British Invasion(Tap 2-9)

There will be a few Yates rehearsals tomorrow:

  • 2:00-Buzzing Ballerina’s (Primary Ballet)…no costumes required
  • 2:15-Mr. Golden Sun (Primary 2 Tap)…no costumes required 2:30-Oliver
  • 3:00-Beatles 3:45-Wizard-(in full costume for costume changes please)

All Yates rehearsals will be done at 5:00 giving the kids a 2 hour
break before the show. Please vacate the Yates between 5 and 6.
Students should arrive in full make-up, hair in a bun, with costumes
ready and organized in order at the back door of the Yates at 6:00 for
dressing room assignments.

Show should run 7-9:30 if all runs smoothly.


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