Festival Summary and Fees Due

Hello All!

Congratulations on a wonderful show as well as a thank you to everyone
involved in “THE WORKSHOP”. What fun!

Thank you for everyone who came out to the swim party on Saturday. Was
good to have some out of class fun.

This week, today, Monday, Erica is in the office from 1-7 taking your
festival entry forms and fees. We will not accept these forms if regular
class fees and festival fees are in arrears. Your festival solo and duo
entry forms MUST accompany you summary sheets. Solo Duo entry form must be
filled out in full!! Do not leave blank spaces.
Attached is the rough draft of this weeks schedule for private lessons.
There are 3 weeks of classes left before Christmas break. 1 Full festival
rotation. Teachers have been writing Christmas private lesson availability
on the big calendar if you are looking for holiday lesson time.

We all know that these 3 weeks get pretty busy with school concerts, it is
busy here at the studio as well. Now that our Christmas show is done, we
move into our festival choreography and buckle down on our exam work. If
your child needs to miss, please try to have them do some catch up work
with a friend or ask their teacher for some help with what they have

Starting after Dec 2 ballet exams, Monday 4:00 grade 1 ballet exam class
will no longer exist however, as the class is large now, the grade 2 class
will start at 4:30 and be one hour long in order to have time for exam work
and choreography.

Starting after Dec 2 ballet exams, Grade 4 ballet classes will no longer
exist. These students will now attend ALL D/E level classes including,
ballet, musical theatre, stretch…any classes you were attending with
other age levels in order to accommodate your exam class this fall.

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