Festival Summary

Hello Everyone

What a great first festival it’s been. I felt the kids performed well and were organized, parent reps were so very helpful, costumes looked great Becky, Brenda and Brie, iPad music worked well Kevin and the teachers were so very helpful. Thank you to everyone that helped out.

I hope everyone got rested up and will be back at classes full force tomorrow!

Miss Pavlova will be taking all of the ballet classes tomorrow. Time is very limited, please attend.

Our plan in class this week is to go adjudication sheets and dance corrections as well as do a bit more cleaning…that was just a warm up. We have 3 weeks(only 2 Thursday) before Dance Power and attendance is crucial.

We want to improve every time we hit the stage this season!

Solo sheets will be handed out at everyone’s private lesson this week.

Everyone should see their teacher this week for a 15 minute time slot.

Marks were all very good and I will post my (messy) book when I’m in on

Wednesday. Have the kids try and better themselves each performance.

Reminder that this upcoming Saturday is an important Tap exam rehearsal day. I will. E trying my best to get through ALL of the exam work and exam dance. For those of you who have asked for Tap Exam private lessons, I am working on a schedule now. I should have it up by Saturday!

Congratulations everyone! Very proud of how you conducted yourselves and danced all weekend! I was really happy that we were able to donate money to the Humane Society. I feel like it was a really good choice as right now they are in need of these funds!

Parents, if you video taped any of the groups, the teachers would love a copy for this weeks class!



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