Festival Updates (Cheat Sheet)

Festival Summary Sheets and ALL solos duo entry forms are due in by November 22

Thought that I would compile a quick “cheat sheet” for those of you filling out Festival forms.

Each festival is different! Please take your time and fill out all portions of the form including proper age and ability levels…calculate carefully. Use training years from ALL studios that you have attended!

Firstly…Enter in the correct category: Tap, Jazz, Ballet (is it ballet classical, demi character, character or pointe), Hip Hop, Lyrical Modern, Broadway, Song and Dance, Contemp etc

Festival of Friends April 6-8 at Medicine Hat College

Age as of Dec 31/17 Division is determined by age only…no calculating ability.

Showtime Medicine Hat Esplanade The week of April 17

We are charged for overtime pieces in this festival ($75)stick to time limits…max is 2.5 for solos! Age is as of March 1 2018 Ability Level…total number of years a dancer has been training in that discipline, the current season counts as a year, double training is calculated when doing 2 classes a week (ie our ballet kids do 2 or more classes a week, it counts as 2 years) Use your discretion if you have had much less training at a level.(if just started lyrical this season and every thing else you’ve done for 10 or more years…move down 1 level for your lyrical solo)…My view on this is enter at your highest rated ability level. If you train 6 or more hours per week, you move automatically to accelerated level category You must include all classes, private lessons,
technique classes, acro and stretch…it all counts as training!

Moose Jaw Dance Inspirations May 2-6

Age is as of Dec 31/2017 There are no ability levels to contend with…it is all determined by age. We have no Novice competitors

Fabulous Feet Lethbridge The Weekend of May 10

Age is as of March 1 2018 Level is determined by specific discipline totally all the years at that discipline. Two classes a week in any specific discipline constitutes as 2 years of training Elevated level is achieved when 7 or more hours a week of training is taken. Updates they have sent the instructors this past week as reminders.Years of training starts at the age of 6. A dancer taking multiple classes in the same discipline in the same year counts as 2 years of training. The current season counts as 1 year. There are no partial years of training.

Also attached is the group list that tells you which festivals groups are going too.

Please remember that these festivals do not take late entries…nor can we. Everything must be properly filled out and brought in on time. Due date for entries is NOVEMBER 22!

I hope this helps everyone!

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