Final Nut Tapper Updates

Hello All,

Attached is the parking map again for the University

There are no regular dance classes today.

Nut Tapper Rehearsal on Saturday went well.  It is all coming together!

For those of you who didn’t pick up your costumes on Saturday, I will have them at the University theatre today!

A few notes from Saturday:

  • Pin all black belts to black pants (all 4 sides)
  • Older students should have costumes layered for quick changes in a laundry basket.

Today’s rehearsal is:

AT THE UNIVERSITY THEATRE…Drop Children at the lower backstage door, we will have someone meet them there.  You can also pick them up there and you can avoid all parking for today. No parents in the theatre during rehearsal.  This keeps the kids on track! IN COSTUME TODAY.  PLEASE COME DRESSED AND READY FOR YOUR FIRST DANCE!   No hair and make-up today however hair should be up off the face.

TIMES…..Scene 1 is from 5-6:15, Scene 2 is from 6:15-7:00, Scene 3 is from 7:00-8:00, Scene 4 is from 8:00-9:00  In order to stay on time, be there, dressed and ready 10 minutes prior to your time.  DO NOT BE LATE PLEASE

All Senior Tap Choreo Students are to bring ALL PROPS as well as costuming.  Anything left at the studio, I have.


All boys participating in the Nut Tapper should have a white dress shirt and black pants and black socks and black tap shoes. I will have ties for them all.

If anyone has extra ugly XMAS SWEATERS we can borrow, we would sure appreciate it!!!  We are short about 5 for our finale.

Tickets: There are only a few tickets left. These tickets will be on sale at the door on Tuesday Dec 19.

Costumes: We will be doing costumes a little differently for this show. We do not usually send costumes home, however, as this is a small show with few costume changes, everyone has taken their own costumes home on Saturday Dec 16 after the rehearsal. YOU WILL NEEDed TO SIGN THEM OUT. You will be responsible to wear your costume for rehearsal on Monday Dec 18 to the rehearsal and on Tuesday to the show. I will have most headpieces with me!!

(except for older students)

*Please remember: No costume fees have been paid for this show, they are on loan. Be very careful with the costumes and do not let your child wear them anytime other than the 2 indicated times…and maybe perhaps for a quick picture at home.

*****ALL COSTUMES MUST BE HANDED INTO THE STUDIO ON WEDNESDAY DEC 20 between 4 and 7…no exceptions!!! If all pieces are not returned, a 40.00 costume fee will be charged to your account. We need to get costumes washed and ready for costume pulling for festival and year end Preparation.  HAND THEM IN ON THE NAME MARKED HANGERS THEY WERE HANDED OUT ON PLEASE.


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