Attached is our final Monday class schedule.

As promised, we worked this schedule out last night after getting to see the kids one more time.

Please note:  One of the biggest concern I am hearing from the Monday parents is the 4:00 start time and scrambling with the little ones.   Times on Monday have ALL shifted down by 15 minutes as we had the night space to do so.   Our day starts at 4:15 NOT 4:00.  I hope that this helps everyone!

Our biggest concern on Monday was safety in Acro classes.  These classes are very structured and there are many elements that require one on one time.

I have added another acro class so each level has it’s own acro time now.

This also eliminated a few of the breaks for students.

I would ask that when reading this schedule, follow your color!

If you are a Pre Primary 1, you are light yellow.

If you are Pre Primary 2 you are bright yellow (students in PP2 with experience in Acro should do 4:15 Acro)  If you are Primary 1 you are light green  If you are Primary 2 follow the teal blue  If you are Recreational Hip Hop, Boys Hip hop, know that we’ve added a tech class at 8:00  for you which is based on ballet and jazz strengthening technique.

Lev 5 is Royal

Lev 6 is Hot Pink


Thank you for working with us in order to get these students into class levels that they will be safe, continue to improve and thrive!  Miss Haley, Miss Sydney, Miss Krissy, Miss Mikaela and I are looking forward to great MONDAYS!!




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