Holiday Schedule update

Hello All

Please notice that Vanessa will only be coming in for a much shorter day tomorrow!  Times have changed!

 See attached schedule!

I have cancelled some of my private lessons and shortened my day as I am battling pneumonia.  I’m ok to come for those dances that we still need to finish, however I have cancelled those dancers that have solos that are complete.

If you are on this updated list, and are ok to come I will be expecting you!!  Please let me know if these updated times do not work for you or if you aren’t comfortable coming.  Promise to keep my distance.

I’m hoping by Saturday, I’ll have another day of meds under my belt, so I should be good…but I’ll let everyone know.  It’s been a long week!!

Madi is good to go with her full day of privates.  She is seeing all of her dances tomorrow as her rotation 1  Her schedule is attached.

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