Homework Computer Station Guidelines

We realize that dancers commit a lot of time to their training and it can be difficult to balance the demands of dance and school. So this year we have set up a computer workstation to help with this during your class breaks. Please follow the rules below so we can continue to offer this as a service to you

  • The computer is a first come, first serve kind of service. You can’t reserve it for after your class. If it is free, you can use it.
  • The computer is for homework only. We do not want to see students browsing social media sites or watching you tube videos that are not related to their homework
  • Filters have been placed on the computer to prevent the viewing of pornography, gambling, or websites that promote violence. We know that filters aren’t foolproof though, so please only view appropriate materials. We are a family friendly environment. Violation of this rule may result in you being banned from the computer permanently.
  • Play nice with others. If you see there is a line of kids that need to get on, please be as quick as possible with your homework.
  • Do not save files directly onto the computer. Bring a USB key or use your online accounts at google or Microsoft to keep your data private and safe. We will wipe local data if we see it on the system.
  • If you see issues with the system, please contact Kevin Vadnais through the vandance website. He will deal with all technical problems. The teachers are too busy to deal with things you might encounter on the computer.

Thanks for your support and good luck in the new dance season.

Kevin Vadnais (kevin.vadnais@vandance.ca)



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