Important Festival Notice

Festival Exam Class Parents Please Read:

As festival entry season is approaching and summary sheets will go out next week, we realized yesterday that there are still 19 students who have not confirmed classes for the season.  This makes it impossible for us to do group entries.  This week  was my deadline to pay our deposits to 3 of the 4 festivals to hold our spots…these deposit fees were dependent on the number of entries/people.  I was very difficult to determine. I hope I estimated enough!!

Skylar was brought into the office yesterday to sort this out and pull forms of attendance book questions and we pulled 19 + forms with questions.

If you have not yet confirmed classes, please get in immediately.  Erica is back in the office on Wednesday 2-7 pm.

There was a 2 week grace period at the beginning of the season and we are now finishing up month 2.   As attendance to classes has also been sporadic for a few students, this also has made it difficult to determine.  Not knowing numbers of students makes it impossible for our teachers to do their jobs.  We need numbers for choreography and patterning.

Next week, Nov 1, students will be given Entry Summary Sheets along with Solo/Duo Entry Forms.  There will also be a questionnaire posted in the foyer that ALL festival parents must come in and sign.  Please watch for an email before Nov 1 regarding the festival entry info.

Thank you for your attention.


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