Information for Tiny Tot and New Students to Van Dance Studio

Welcome! And “Thank-You” for choosing VanDance studio for your child?s dance education.  You have chosen wisely!  Our programs are structured for learning and progressing each season while allowing the students to experience the joy and love of dance.  Our classes are NOT a free for all.  We pride ourselves in being a qualified, accredited dance studio.

Please note our class times:

  •  Wed 5:30 and Sat at 10:30(not 10:00)….. Tiny Tots
  •  Wed 6:00 …..Kindertots

We realize that dance may be your first experience with a structured program for your little one and we want it to be a positive one!

We like to keep our beginner classes small.  8-10 students is what we strive for however if there are more than this we will put a second teacher or assistant into the class.

If a class is too small, under 6, we will combine classes or shorten a class.  Class seems very long for these little ones if there aren?t many of them.  We have found if we shorten the class, it tends to make both student and teacher happy!  Think of it as a semi private lesson!

At VanDance, we have a 2 week grace period that you can bring friends of your child?s age and ability to their class and/or try other classes for your child?s age and ability to attain the correct fit.  Sometimes, if younger students attend with a friend, it makes for an easier separation from Mom.  This applies to all classes at the studio(with the consent of the instructor)  Our actual bring a friend week is Sept 18-22

The Director of VanDance is Vanessa Cowan and she can be reached at
Miss Mikaela(Wed classes) and Miss Skylar(Sat classes) are our Tiny Tot and Kindertot instructors and they can be reached at and

All fees must be into the office before your child’s first lesson.  Our book keeper can be reached at

We will also assign some experienced parent reps whom you may email or call with any “Dance” related questions.

Tiny Tot(3 years)/Kindertot(4 years) and New parents:

Your child must be 3 by December 2016 to participate this season.  Your child must be potty trained.  Please note that if your child has separation anxiety, dance class may start out rough, but we will give class a try.  Please stick around in the waiting area if you think this may be the case.  Otherwise, you are not expected to stay for the half hour but please be back on time.  It is recommended and enforced that children and teacher enter the dance studio area together and that the parents remain outside the studio space.  Parents will be invited into the studio several times throughout the dance season to quietly observe the children’s progress.    Parents please mark all dancewear, shoes and bags clearly with your child’s name.  Please be sure that all students have gone to the bathroom immediately before class.  For your child?s weekly dance class, they are required to wear a bodysuit(of any color), tights(preferably ballet pink),  Tiny Tots wear pink ballet slippers and Kindertots wear pink ballet slippers as well as black paten tap shoes (please get ready for class in your tap shoes and bring your ballet slippers into class in a small dance bag clearly marked with your name.  All boys are to wear black shorts, white t-shirts and black ballet shoes.  We follow the school holiday schedule for the most part and in the September newsletter that will be emailed, all dates will be outlined.

Tiny Tot, Kindertot,  Pre-Primary 1 and Rec  level students DO NOT participate in competition or festival.  They do however perform in Year End Show in May 25 and 26.  All students will perform in one perhaps 2 shows and this will be determined closer to the year end show date.  You will get plenty of notice in April.

We have a website that has a wealth of information included in it.  Please read through it.  Kevin, our web guy updates it constantly.

We have a facebook group under VanDance Studio that we hope you will add as we use is quite frequently.

We do all communication via email.  Be SURE we have your correct email.  This notice will be sent in both email and hardcopy form so check your email for this notice.  If not there, please check your junk mail.  If you still can’t find it, please update your email with the office.

We have several email lists.  A festival/exam group list for students who participate in these extra activities.  These emails will be very frequent.

The pre-school /recreational list emails will be less frequent .  If you feel you may be receiving email info for the wrong group, please let us know.

Feel free to pass this email on to anyone who may be interested in our program.  Our available class times are:
Wed 5:30 and Sat at 10:30 Tiny Tots
Wed 6:00 Kindertots

Dancewear is available at Classique Dancewear.

Please remember

As the twig is bent, so grows the tree.
Thank you in advance.   We are all looking forward to a wonderful year!  Classes start Monday Sept 11.

Vanessa and the VanDance staff

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