Inspire Groups


We are already having a few issues scheduling our extra Inspire groups on Fridays due to sports, tournaments and  dance workshops.
I feel it’s important we get these groups rehearsed ASAP and put the time  with everyone in attendance so we can move forward each week and not have to repeat corrections.  This wastes time and money.
For this rotation:

  • Chris’s group will rehearse Friday Oct 27 at 3-3:30
  • Reid’s group will rehearse Tuesday Oct 24 at 8:30-9:15
  • Tessa’s -this one has had an extra with Tessa already and if the students practice it, we should be ok until next rotation.

We will go back to regular Week 2 rehearsal times after this.  I would rather not do any other schedule changes.
I hope this works for everyone as Friday’s we haven’t had much luck!!
Thank you in advance.

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