Jazz Exams

 To those students participating in the ADAPT JAZZ EXAM PROGRAM this season, and for those still considering participating…


 Welcome to ADAPT Jazz Exams!


 As we start the exam season off I wanted to give a slight outline as to what to expect this year. Many of you have not done Jazz exams before so I hope this helps!


 This year we have a great group of dancers with a lot of pure talent. That being said, not all of the dancers in the classes will be at the exact same level. Because of that we will be starting off training as a group and as exams grow closer we will (possibly) split into smaller groups. This is all dependant of course on how well each dancer knows the syllabus as well as how much improvement there is in each dancer. As we move closer to exams I will be looking very closely at which level of exam is achievable by each student and will determine what exam they will take. I want all my students to succeed so therefore I will not suggest an exam that is out of reach for the dancer. At this point I am expecting that both classes will be examined in groups of 4 to 6 which is the ideal examination size.


 As we move closer to exams there will be a dress code put in place to help the dancers get used to the feeling of being in an exam setting. Most of the dancers are already practicing in such attire so this won?t be too much of a change.


 There will also be a viewing day or two to help the dancers perform in front of others prior to examinations. Those dates have not been set but I hope everyone can make it to help everybody feel more comfortable as well as note the improvement that the dancers have been working so hard to achieve.


 That just about does it for a basic outline however if anyone has any questions please feel free to email me at amara.thrall@vandance.ca .


 Let?s have a great year!!                                                                               

                                                                                                                         – Miss Amara

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