June Classes


There are several classes being offered in the summer including acro, stretch, grade 7 ballet and many private lessons.

Here is the June schedule.  If your name does not appear and you are wanting to set up lessons, please let myself or a teacher know.  

Most solo choreography will be set up for August if you are wanting to get started in the summer. 

I have also attached the acro/stretch registration.  You will also need to sign a waiver for the acro program on the first day of classes in addition to your registration.

Erica is in the office for the next 3 days from 4-7 for summer program registration (Acro, Stretch and Inspire) as well as clearing up accounts. 

Please remember that all students registered for Inspire before June 1 will be entered for a private lesson with the instructor of their choice. 

Fall registration information will be out next weekk 

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