Last week before Christmas

Hello Everyone


This is our final week of regular classes before we take our 3 week break until January 9.


Erica is in the office on Wednesday, Dec 14 from 1:30-6:30.  I would ask that everyone make a quick stop in to clear up:

regular dance fees          festival entries(as they get sent Thursday morning,

any upaid fees will NOT be entered)       tap exams(all grades are still

encouraged to enter and  be sure to pick up exam cds for the holidays)

PLEASE CHECK ALL FESTIVAL ACCOUNTS(some have not yet paid a deposit and a

second deposit will be due after Christmas)        New York Trip ticketing etc

has been figured out and I’d be happy to get these cleared up  Also when you are in the office, please check the “over the holiday”

private lesson schedule. All solos and duos should be done by mid January if not before Christmas in order to be on track for festival.


There is also a posted schedule for a ballet intensive for all ballet students that will be held January 7 and 8 . I will also be sending this schedule out with the ballet letter of intent in the next few days.


Miss Pavlova would be more than happy to do mentoring for over the holidays since there is a 3 week break.  This is a long time to go for Major ballet students.  She suggested to several students that they do private, semi private, or group private lessons to work on details of the exam work.  There are posted times to book and she will add times if needed.


Miss Heather and Miss Claire have cd’s ready that include competition music for groups.

Miss Vanessa included hers on the exam cds for most classes  Please start your practice now for both exams and festival.


Happy Holidays


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