March 10-13 Schedule


Here is the Preliminary schedule for this weekend.
Contact me immediately with any changes.
Thank you!

We have not received any festival schedules as of yet. I will post at the
studio as soon as we do and email them out…if they will let me.

Please watch for our hair tights and shoe list coming out this weekend for
all festival classes.

Madi will be doing masterclasses again on the evening of Sunday March 20.
She is just back in Vancouver from doing classes down in Seattle with some
great instructors and will be performing in Vancouver March 17. She’s
excited to bring home and share some of these new styles and fun with our
kids!! You can contact her directly to
Sunday March 20 at the studio.
6-7:30 Contemporary
7:30-8:30 Hip Hop

Come on in for a fun filled evening of dance…no cleaning!!! Promise!!

She would like to see her solos this evening as well!

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