March 17-20


A few reminders:

Madi is holding a Contemp and Hip Hop workshop on Sunday evening!! Thank
you to all who have all ready signed up. There is still lots of space.
Hope to see you there. email her to register

Solo/Duo Mass Rehearsal to take place this Sunday. See attached schedule
for times. This is for ALL festival solos and duos and you may wear your
costumes if you wish. It is important to attend as you can watch, learn
and encourage all of the solos in your dance discipline. It also gives us
the chance to see if you’re on track to be ready for festival!

I have No festival schedules as of yet.

Festival booking sheet for the Yates will be posted on Wed at 4:00. There
have been a few minor changes. I have attached a new sched.
Watch for the hair tights and shoe list later today.

Tap 5 starts at 6:00 on Wed so that we have enough time for fest and
Tap 7 is now at 4:00 on Wed for next few weeks!

Senior Ballet Classes:
Be sure to attend your proper dance cleaning times!

D/Sr Hip Hop mandatory rehearsals set by Miss Heather:

I am requesting 2 mandatory rehearsals over the next two weeks. I have not
yet had everyone together and we are at the Yates for blocking very soon!
It seems that many people have conflicts on Fridays so this is what I am
going to do instead:

I would like the Hip Hop D group to come to the senior hip hop class this
Thursday March 17. I will trade my modern and hip hop time that night so
the younger class can leave a little earlier. Both hip hop classes need to
be there from 8:30-9:15pm. Senior Modern will be from 9:15-10 this week

Next Monday, March 21, I am asking all seniors to attend the Hip hop D
class from 8:30-9:15 (some of you will miss stretch this day).

I will still rehearse the classes separately this Monday March 14 (D’s) and
next Thursday March 24 (seniors).

All students must attend these rehearsals so that I can properly space for

Thursday March 17- 8:30-9:15
Monday March 21- 8:30-9:15

Seniors are setting up a rehearsal time. Try your best to attend!

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