May 30 – Class updates

Hello All!


Let me first congratulate all of the students on a fantastic three days of shows.  I thought that this years show looked energized and polished!!

Congrats to all of you!


Also I want to thank all of the parent volunteers for their time.  Know that without you the show would not happen.  It was a smooth backstage and front of house.


In looking at the schedule the next few days until tap exam, I see that Miss Syd scheduled Stretch and Acro times that somewhat conflict with some of the tap times.  Please know that tap should be priority but she sent me this message…


“So may I suggest we keep my schedule the same this week and if a student has conflict they can choose to come to a later or earlier class closet to

their level?    I.e. if an A comes to the Stretch B/C class it wouldn’t be a big deal for one week.”


So I ask that you please do what you can to make all of your classes work this Monday and Tuesday.  Attend classes closest to your own grade.  I’m certain Miss Syd will be very accommodating this week.


You may still register for the June Stretch/Acro programs.  Show up for class tomorrow and we can get you signed up!


Stretch and Acro class times:


Little Acro’s (4-6yrs): 4:15-5:00

Stretch Pre-Primary/ A- 5:00-5:45

Acro Pre-Primary/ A- 5:45-6:30

Stretch B/C- 6:30-7:15

Acro B/C- 7:15-8:00

Stretch D/Sr- 8:00-8:45

Acro D/Sr- 8:45-9:30


Tap Mock Exam in Proper Hair and Attire!  I will also email the letter of intent:

3:10-Tap 9 (Skylar)

4:00-Tap 1 Group 1 (Althiana, Asher, Makayla, Halle)  4:15-Tap 1 Group 2 (Evan, Asia, Aria, Brooklyn, Meridian)  4:30-Tap 2 ALL  4:45-Primary 1 ALL  5:00-Primary 2 ALL  5:30-Tap 3 Group 1(Jordan, Myah, Cameron, Addison, Mackenzie)  5:50-Tap 3 Group 2(Addriene, Neely, Ainsleigh, Ella, Lexi, Chelsea)  6:10-Tap 4 Group 1 (India, Tegan, Georgia, Lauryn, Caroline, Alex, Julia,


6:40-Tap 4 Group 2 (Madison, Jesse, Emma, Taia, Sarah, Marissa)  7:00-Tap 5 Group 1 (Chiaki, Talyn, Chloe, Taylor)  7:45-Tap 5 Group 2 (Tayler N, Michela, Jayde, Emma)  8:30-Tap 6 ALL  9:00-Tap 7 ALL













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