Monday April 18, 2016

Hello Everyone

Firstly, congratulations on a great festival!  I thought this week went very well at Dance Power and it was nice to see everyone working so hard!  For those of you who were lucky enough to see Taylor Hatala perform…wow!  That was amazing!  Congratulations to Jesse Andrus who did such a wonderful job dancing in Taylor’s category too!!  Thought she did an amazing job!


Congrats to those dances who scored high enough to receive cash awards this weekend.  Asher, Mari and Summer, easy Love, Talyn and Laura, Get Freaky and mix Tape.  It was tough competition!  So very well done!  Congrats Miss Heather on your choreo award too!


Monday at the studio:

Teachers will be going over ALL GROUP adj forms and corrections in ballet, hip hop and modern classes.  It is important to attend ALL CLASSES IN YOUR LEVEL. Even if you don’t take hip hop or modern please attend that class for your age group on Monday so we have time to get through your dances!!

Syd will be running regular stretch classes as we ALL could use a good stretch.


Seniors attend both grade !6 and 8 ballet!


All recreational classes run as scheduled all week!!

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