Nut Tapper Updates

Hello All

We are getting closer!

I have updated some of the costume info on the attached sheet.  Please read through.
Our next rehearsal is at the studio on Saturday.
Please wear regular dance attire.  Quick changes will be asked to wear costumes so please be sure you have proper shoes and tights.

Here is your make up info for the show…
Dark Stage Make Up for everyone.  Please follow these steps.

  • Start with foundation 1-2 shades darker than skin tone
  • deep plum blush, brown shades of eye shadow using lots of white highlighter both above and below the eye
  • mascara and false eyelashes! False Eyelashes for Everyone. Please unless your eyelashes are extremely long and thick already…lashes do make a difference
  • eyeliner (wings) which makes 2 parallel lines one from below the eye, one from corner of the eye and out about 1/4 of an inch
  • place 2 rhinestones between these lines for sparkle
  • lip liner and a bright/deep red
  • Make up should enhance your child’s already beautiful face. It should be done with care.
  • Anyone with specialty make up bring makeup remover and a wash cloth!(skeletons!)
  • Large Rhinestone Earrings for everyone  Stick on’s from the dollar store work.
  • No jewelry or nail polishes (unless called for as accessories).
  • No panties under your tights

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