Parent Viewing Summary

Hello Everyone.

Thank you to everyone who attended parent viewing.  The week went very well!  If you were unable to watch, here are a few things we spoke to the parents about.

In order for us to complete our job properly GOOD ATTENDANCE IS A MUST.

Home PRACTICE is necessary.  Students have made a commitment to the groups.  In order for the groups to succeed, students  must attend, learn and then practice the skills.    Dance is MUSCLE MEMORY.

Teachers CDs for practice are available in the office      Once choreography is done, we are into cleaning the dances.  It is also cleaning time for exam work.  The students WILL get corrections, constructive criticism.  We as teachers try to pair this with praise.  Children take the criticism in different ways. Be sure to enforce at home that we are giving these corrections to help them.

In class ATTIRE has slacked and there are some students who go above and beyond to come to class dressed properly and we ask that everyone get back to dressing appropriately.  This is the time we need to see and correct the students body alignment .

Costumes will be going home in the next few weeks for festival classes.  You are responsible for ALL pieces.Please look after the costumes and keep them hung up and organized.  Steam all tutus. Hair tights shoe list will come out in February so that you have a full month to be organized.  We will answer all costume related questions then.     Festival students please READ the festival Summary Sheets posted and make corrections to it TODAY.

Swim Party is January 28 6:30-8 at Nicholas Sheran.  All attending must sign up on the studio door before Wednesday January 25th  We need to confirm numbers for life guards.  We will permit siblings as long as they are signed up on our list!  It looks like there will be room.  It’s so nice to see and get to know the kids outside the studio.

Fees:  See Erica this week to check on regular, private lesson and festival group accounts Ballet Exam Fees were Due this week.  Any late comers must see Renee on Monday!   We have until the end of the week to enter Tap exams.     Ballet cd’s are ready and will be handed out to all exam students on Monday.

Please remember that Miss Sydney is hosting her Parent Viewing on Tuesday of this week as she was unavailable last week.  I hope all of the parents are able to attend her classes.


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