Private Lesson Concerns


Just a few concerns from the staff at VanDance.

We all understand that illness happens, however many private lessons have been missed, or changed last minute, this past week, and a few missed already yesterday.  I’m not certain that all were due to illness and that everyone is realizes that we only have 3 rotations after Christmas, meaning if you missed or are going to try and reschedule, you may only now have 2 lessons left before festivals.  A big concern for the instructors is that time is now so limited!!  My personal concern…changing of schedules is very hard last minute!

Which brings me to rescheduling…the teachers’ time is very limited. Most teachers have other jobs or schooling that they need to be responsible for as well.   We have a set schedule, and make-up lesson opportunities when it works for them.  Please try your best not to request “favors” and specific re-schedules.    Teachers want to get in time with your kids, believe me, however coming and going from the studio is difficult for them.  Try to take the times that are posted.

I have noticed that teachers HAVE been billing for missed lessons now.  If you don’t let your instructor know that you aren’t coming to the private lesson spot, you will be billed.  Their time is precious.

Miss Heather extra times…Miss Heather had posted a few extra times for mentoring with the stipulation that she would take someone different each week.  Please be certain that you’ve only put yourself down for one time with her.  If she has more requests, she may consider opening up more spots.

February family/teachers convention week…teachers will post times on the board as soon as they know their schedules.

Weekly classes…this darn flu/cold!!!  Lots of kids missing from regular classes.  Please be sure you catch up on the missed work as choreo is going quickly!!!

Office concerns…I would ask that everyone please clear up accounts immediately.  Perhaps consider leaving a deposit for your after Christmas lessons as well.  Please check with Erica on Wednesday on your regular dance fees as well as your private lesson accounts.  Billing, including Saturday morning Int F and Inter classes have been billed up to the end of
Dec.  We would like to get our books finished up for 2017.  I thank you in advance!


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