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Hello Dance Families

I know that everyone is planning for next season and some of you are waiting for dates and plans to come out.

Here is what I know so far.  No final decisions have been made.

The Yates is closed for renos for next season but there are a couple festivals “booked” into the University theatre.  Whether they go or not remains to be seen.

PEAK and Dance Power, who have both said they would save spots for us,  are booked for the same week in Calgary unfortunately April 17-22  They both would offer a space in Edmonton for us as well.

Dance for Dreams (we did this last season).  Dates:
Lethbridge has confirmed a festival at the University April 19-22        Medicine Hat April 6, 7, 8       Calgary is April 12-15.

Moose Jaw is May 2-6

Miss Renee is exploring dates for Medicine Hat for Festival of Friends.

Dance Invasion is one we have done years ago and may be a good option for us.  Dates are:
Medicine Hat April 12-15 or April 27-30  Lethbridge May 10-13(University)         Calgary April 25-28

Showtime Promotions (which we have done in Kelowna before).  Dates:
Medicine Hat April 19-22 as well.        Calgary (May 2-6 same as Moose Jaw).

Just a note that we will not have Yates rehearsal dates this upcoming season.

As for the teachers, and who is planning to teach what, here is what we have discussed at our teachers meeting.  A sign up sheet will be available at early registration.

Miss Pavlova:  Nina will be doing the same as usual taking on private lessons for exams and for solos for ballet and character students.  You must speak to Nina directly if you want your child to do a solo with her.  Nina likes to see her students every week, usually for 45 minutes to an hour and a half depending what they are working toward.  Nina will be doing her private lessons on Saturday and Sunday this season.  She is starting some lessons through the summer.

Vanessa:  Vanessa will be doing tap and musical theatre solos this season.  If time permits, she will also take on some younger jazz solos.  All lessons will take place on Friday afternoon to evening on a 3 week rotation starting in September.

Sydney:  Sydney will be doing Lyrical and Acro solos this season and if she has time on her days she is willing to take on some jazz solos as well.  Sydney will be starting solos in August on Monday and Tuesday and then she will work into the 3 week private lesson schedule on Saturday during the season.

Mikaela:  Mikaela will be doing the younger ballet solos as well as be available for jazz and lyrical solos   She will start her solos in August but work into the 3 week rotation on Saturday and Sundays in Sept.

Madi:  Madi will once again do any solo choreography in August(Aug 11-31) for Hip Hop, jazz and contemporary solos and Skylar will be cleaning them during the 3 week rotation on Saturdays.  Madi will be home 3 or 4 times throughout the season for cleaning as she was this season.

Skylar:  Along with cleaning Madi’s solos, Skylar is also willing to take on younger jazz and hip hop solos this season.  She will work into the 3 week rotation on Saturdays.

Hayley:  Haley will be taking on Hip Hop, Contemporary and Jazz solos this season and will work into the 3 week rotation in September on Saturday or Sunday

Mikaela and Skylar are both still available for mentoring.

I hope this information helps you make informed decisions for the upcoming year.
I hope to see you all at our parent meeting on Tuesday June 20 @ 7:00 pm
We are going to put our solo duo sign up sheet up at early registration so that we are able to make schedules for our teachers starting solos in August.


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