Prop Help – Miss Heather


I am looking for some parent help with a few props.
PP2 Ballet- Buzzing Ballerinas: I would like 1 parent rep from the class to help assemble a flower prop. (Please come see me in person for more details.)

Grade 1B Ballet-Spring Time: I would like 1 parent rep to fix up the flower hoops.
(Please come see me in person for more details.)

Modern 2/3- Rain Dance: Every student in this class will be bringing home 1 umbrella next Wednesday, March 6th. These umbrellas need to be reinforced so they don’t come off the metal frame. You will see they have only been stitched in a few places which come undone quite easily. More stitching needs to be added so that they are more secure. The bottom handle also twists off and can be glued on. Any reinforcements that will strengthen the umbrella are welcome, as long as it can still open and close and the aesthetics of the prop don’t change. I have 5 backup umbrellas that will be also need to be reinforced. If you are willing to do more than 1, please let me know.

 Thank you so much for your help with this!


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