Reminders for this week (Nov 28)

Please remember that Erica is in the office Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.

Tap Exam Fees are due by Wednesday Nov. 30.  This is for ALL tap students this season.  I encourage all tap students to take part as it sets a goal for your child.  Pick up your practice cd when you make your exam
payment.  Costume orders are due before Nov. 30    Festival Summary sheets, solo/duo entry forms and all fees are due by Nov. 30.  Be sure all forms are filled out in FULL with no blank spaces.  Remember if entering Moose
Jaw solos, attach a paper with your entries for other festivals simply listing name, age as of Dec 31, birthdate, category you are entering in Moose Jaw.

I have attached both a Tap Letter of Intent and a Festival Summary Sheet in Case you have missed receiving either of these in class.

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