Schedule for this week (April 29, 2018)

Hello All

As many of our senior students are leaving on Tuesday and will be missing classes due to Moose Jaw festival, we will be doing a full run thru of all
Senior/5/6 groups starting at 8:00 and will run until 9:30.  Miss Sydney and Miss Haley will run ALL groups!

Please plan to stay for this rehearsal if you are involved in any of these groups.

We have tried to figure out a way to rehearse ALL Moose Jaw groups, however, some of the acro classes are rehearsing for year end at this time
and need this practice time.  The teachers will do what they can to practice groups when time permits.

All classes on Monday and Tuesday will run as scheduled.

All classes on Wednesday and Thursday will run as scheduled excluding Level 2-Senior levels.


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