Showtime update


I got this yesterday from Showtime which we are doing in Lethbridge…have a read.



Subject: GCDC Lethbridge

Hi everyone!

So we have what I think is amazing news. The Lethbridge theatre was originally booked on the Sunday with another show so we only had wed-sat

dates (8-11) However, the theatre let us know that the other group moved dates and the Sunday is available so we snatched it up! We now have wed – Sunday at the theatre. I just wanted to let you all know now. Also this means that if we don’t need the full 5 days for whatever reason we would eliminate the Wednesday first before the Sunday.


If you have any questions about it don’t hesitate to let me know! This is great news though, weekends are always better!

Thanks for your patience.

Samara Tocher

Senior Production Manager

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