Small Groups for MooseJaw

Ballet Small Groups  (Start This Sunday)Here are the additional small groups which will travel to Moose Jaw as well as other festivals.

As the Ballet groups start this week…let us know if you will NOT be involved in the group.

Addison, Jordan,  Emma,  Madison, Chloe  = 11.5  11/12 yrs

Maddie, Laura, Taylor, Mackenzie, Michela, Jordyn, Talyn, Georgia  = 13.14…13/14 yrs

Musical Theatre Small Group…Nuns (We will knock this group out in only a few lessons…it’s a fun one!  More musical comedy!  I will most likely schedule a couple lessons between Dec 11 and 23  All students must be in regular Musical Theatre class to participate)

Taylor, Talyn, Mackenzie, Michela, Laura, Maddie, Kacie, Georgia, India

Madi’s small jazz which will be done Dec 11-23 (within those 2 weeks)

Jesse, Maddie, Emma, Chloe

Heather will fit into week one schedule eventually but will try and complete this number between Dec 11-Dec 23
>> Madi Hanelt
>> Laura Forrest
>> Talyn Morris
>> Mackenzie Ash
>> Taylor Stroeve
>> Michela Kroker
>> Jordyn Millo
>> Chiaki Urano
>> Kacie Adamson
>> Taylor Nelson
>> Hailey Hoff
>> Emma Sande
>> India Arden
>> Jesse Andrus
>> Madison Nagata
>> Chloe Turchyn
>> Georgia McCrady
>> Teigan Nelson
>> Alex Thompson
>> Addison McCrady
>> Jordan Sande
>> Myah Nagata

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