Studio Updates


Pictures went great!  Thank you for changing quickly and keeping us ahead of schedule!  If you forgot your headpieces they must come back tonight!!

Please remember that tickets are on sale for year end and selling fast. Get yours before they are all sold!

All regular classes next week!

Next week:

Watch for Inspire Workshop registration information to go out .


Regular classes and please remember that there are extra tap exam classes scheduled for later tonight for tap 3/4/5.  See earlier email.


Erica is in the office tonight until 7 clearing up all regular class and private lesson accounts.  Please be certain to stop by tonight as this week is the deadline! It is important these accounts are cleared up immediately!  All teachers HAVE been paid out and it is very difficult to carry these accounts.  Many students have small accounts to be cleared up from ballet exam extra classes…some from last season,  please check in black binder.

Company accounts can not be cleared up until our Moose Jaw scholarship cheques arrive for groups.  We will let you know when they arrive!!  We are still unsure of the winnings??

All in class group winnings have been reconciled and will be distributed to students next Wednesday. Many winnings to be given out!!!  Congratulations!!


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