Summer Ballet Classes


 The following is the schedule for Miss Pavlova’s Summer lessons thus far.  
She still has a bit of private lesson time on Thursdays, but contact her 
directly if you still need a spot.

         For group private lessons, we have decided on a once a week schedule.  
        ALL students welcome.    The classes are meant to keep up the technique 
over the summer, remembering the work.   The group privates keep the cost 
down for the parents.    The cost of these group private lessons will be 
divided among the students who attend each week.         A group chat, between the 
parents should be set up among the attendees and if students are not 
planning to attend, you should inform Miss Pavlova of the cancellation and 
the other members of the group.  If you are planning on attending a few of 
these lessons, I would ask for a $50.00 deposit for July 1 so that the 
studio does not need to carry these lessons over the summer.  Thank you in 

 Tuesdays starting June 11

 4:00  Any Grade 2 level students(Grade 1 A and B this season)
 4:45  Grade 3 Level Students (Students who have done their Grade 2 exam)
 5:30  Intermediate Foundation (students going  into year 1 or 2 of Inter 
F, starting pointe or have done 1 year
 6:15  Intermediate (students who have been studying the Intermediate 
syllabus this past season, new students should attend Inter Foundation and 
then let Miss Pavlova determine where they should be)
 7:30  Advanced Foundation  (Students who have done their Intermediate and 
are shooting to do the Adv exam down the road)

 Thursday starting June 13

 4:45  Brooklyn
 5:30  Marisol
 5:30  Kahlan
 6:15  Mackenzie

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