Summer Ballet Classes

To Clarify Summer Ballet Classes:

 Ballet classes will be the only lessons ongoing through the summer.  There will be several weeks that there will not be lessons tba.

 Summer Ballet Classes start June 11 and 13 and run Tues/Thurs throughout the summer.  Group private lessons are much more cost effective than everyone doing private lessons separately.  You will be billed for the lessons you attend.
           Inter Foundation(grade 3 and 4 level?1st and 2nd year)5:00-6:00 every Tuesday and Thursday
            Intermediate (grade 5 and up with their Int F) 6:00-7:15 every Tuesday and Thursday
            Advanced 1 7:15-8:30 every Tuesday and Thursday

 If we are shooting for fall exams for those students who attended all  classes regularly this year, and were serious about achieving these major exams, Miss Pavlova wants the girls to maintain their technique over the summer.  She had pointed out that many of the girls did not attend the Saturday lessons on a regular basis this season and may need to shoot for spring of 2021 while those students who were committed and serious this season about the work, will shoot for fall 2020.  This is very reasonable when it comes to major exams.

 Parents are welcome to watch our RAD videos for the advanced level to see what type of level needs to be achieved to attain the level.

 As we mentioned in our meeting last summer, please remember,  in the Intermediate and Advanced levels, if the students fails one section of the exam (including pointe), they do not pass these exams.  I don?t want anyone in this position.  Be realistic and decide your own goals considering the work that is being put in.  Do not compare yourself to anyone else.  Each student is an individual and they all progress differently.   Keep in mind that these are not graded exams.

 Any extra private lessons need to be scheduled directly with Miss Pavlova

 I hope that this answers the many questions I have had.

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