Tap Exam Day

Happy New Year’s Eve Everyone!


Just sitting doing some planning for the year and wanted to gives everyone as much time as possible to plan for an extra tap exam dance day.


Saturday January 21 will be designated for our first Tap exam dance day for Tap 1-8.  No Primary levels are needed this day.

Attached is the letter of intent with some reminders highlighted.

I was careful not to schedule over anyone’s private lesson times….but check to be certain this works right away.


The next few months is going to be busy before festival so please mark on your calendar now!


Thank you


 Schedule for Jan 21

  •  9:30-Tap 1
  •  10:00-Tap 2
  •  10:45-Tap 3
  •  11:30-Tap 6
  •  12:30-Tap 5
  •  1:30-Tap 4
  •  2:30-Tap 8

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