Tap Exam Report Card

Hello Tap Exam Students and Parents:

I took a few days off after Apr 1 tap exam practice day but wanted to report back to everyone on the progress that I saw and where I feel that the practice need to be.  We were exactly 2 months out from Tap exams and have those 2 months to fix.

The kids were honest!  Most told me they haven’t practiced questions and these are worth 20% of the mark.  Please do so!

Tap 1…These kids are right on track.  I don’t for see them needing any extra until perhaps in May I will see them for an extra.  My biggest concern is their attention and fidgeting and missing their turn!  They don’t get a second chance in exam.  If they miss their turn.  Please discuss this.   They told me they haven’t practiced questions and these are worth 20% of the mark.  Please do so!
Tap 2…I saw much improvement from a few of these students.  There are a couple who need to put in more time and I will schedule times asap.  Tap is muscle memory and needs practice for success.  Everyone should practice the centre work and dance at home as well as questions.

Tap 3…I feel this class is well on the way however the 2 most important steps, waltz clog and time steps are weak. They are all very capable but just need practice.  I had a request from a student in this grade for help with time steps so I will schedule time.  All are welcome to attend.

Tap 4…We are very divided in this class.  Half are almost ready for the exam with some practice on the centre and dance.  The other half of the students need much more practice time and are still struggling with the work.  Several private lessons have been scheduled.

Tap 5…THE DREADED PICK UP AND WING GRADE…This isn’t the grade to be taken lightly and if the students do not have the wings and pick ups, they should not do the exam this season.  A good majority of the class has taken
my advice and worked on these element and have their sounds already.  There are a few who do not.  Unfortunately, I can give all the help in the world with these elements in tap, give corrections a million different ways, but until practice is done, it won’t necessarily help.  Pick ups and Wings are muscle memory.  Some students get them right away, some take time(even a few years).  There are still a few students who also don’t know the exercises which is a no no by this point.  I will schedule some extra classes for these students and a regular extra class for all to practice will now go on Wed from 8-8:45 starting…

Tap 6…On track but still need practice with wings and turns.  Confidence is a must!  Know the work.

Tap 8…We have missed several due to festival and sickness and we will need to get back on track asap.  Practice all turns and nerve taps.

I have gone through the schedule and tried to add some help classes with myself and Mikaela whom is very capable of helping practice this work.  The first day scheduled is Sunday of this week.  All that feel they need help are asked to attend.

I will also be in touch with some private lesson times that are available

This week in class, I will be reviewing the exam dances for the final time.  Please be in attendance.


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